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Eyes To See-
A Journey Through The Veils of Illusion


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Featuring Chelsea Mikel, Produced by Jim Funk

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Dreaming of Oz

The Amazing Nowhere Girl

Sperficial Journey Cover.jpg

Superficial Journey

Songs From A Haunted

The Last Word
Cari Kindl & Chelsea Mikel are

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All Videos
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Bottomless Wishing Well~Cari Eden Kindl

Bottomless Wishing Well~Cari Eden Kindl

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Stepping Stone ~Cari Kindl

Stepping Stone ~Cari Kindl

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Cari Kindl Jammin on a new song

Cari Kindl Jammin on a new song

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In 1997, Cari had a prophetic dream about meeting her “guardian angel” with dark hair and a raspy laugh. A few weeks later she was invited to an extended studies trip to Nepal where she came face to face with this mystery man and began a journey into the spiritual world that would change her life forever. She studied meditation, world religions, psychology and traveled the world researching the Holy Grail and unexplained mysteries. Cari is a singer, songwriter, producer of three albums that has licensed music for movies such as “An Intimate Friendship” and “They Live Among Us”.


In 2021 she wrote her first book, Infinit I-The Hidden Meaning of Christ and the Holy Grail after discovering what she believes is the greatest secret ever withheld from humanity by elite powers all for control and profit. The book is based upon her travels to Nepal and Europe in search of the Holy Grail and research of the quantum nature of reality. Cari lives in North Florida in a Tuscan villa that she and her husband and her mother designed and built together on twenty acres. She is studying bio-architecture, healing herbs and frequencies, practicing and teaching self-sustenance methods of “raising the chrism” as well as continuing to spread awareness about the difference between healing or harmful frequencies and technologies.

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New Book Available Now A Amazon

Once upon a time humans lived in peace and harmony in what can only be described as a Fair Tale Kingdom. As the great wheel of time turns humanity is influenced by the astrological cycles which ascend and descend. As we entered the descending Iron Age of Ego, the “Serpent of old” gained power and “Christ no longer walked with mankind” promising to return. At this time, there was a concerted effort on the part of those with an egomaniacal obsession for power to hoard knowledge, technology and keep secrets which would inevitably keep the masses in a state of ignorance and suffering but also, they would change time itself keeping us locked into a sort of “Groundhog Day” of misery.

In this remarkable account Cari Kindl shares the story of a prophetic dream that led her to Nepal and changed her life. She began searching for the Holy Grail to find that its true meaning was hidden by those that seek to control the world. And in doing so they have reversed and flipped everything upside down and inside out, from the world model to language and calendars. By disclosing the true meaning of Christ and the Holy Grail, the author offers what she believes is the key to sovereignty and peace in this lifetime and the hereafter as we return to the Infinit I.

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