I spent most of my life trying to find answers in a world where very little made sense to me. I thought I was alone but now I know that there are so many others out there that just "know" something is not right. That inner knowing is called Gnosis or intuition. I never felt like I belonged in this world, like it was a mistake that I was sucked into this reality. I studied world religions and languages to assess the root meanings of religions. People do not realize that there is no word for Christ in Aramaic for example. Cristos is Greek and it means "one who is anointed in oil. When I was young I thought I was a genie that was trapped in a really big bottle. As it turns out, I am. We all are. A genie is a Jinn. And a Jinn is a spirit being that is like a spinning vortex. THOR is the God of lightening and air. As it happens TOR as in tornado means Tree as in Tree of Life. Ra means Ray of light. Thoth represents THOUGHT. They are not personified gods but aspects of human nature and nature itself. Atoms are made up of spinning vortices and not solid specks that grow tinier and tinier as scientists would have us believe. There is no particle at the root of creation, there is only consciousness. The "I". The EYE. The heart is the trinity of the three basic aspects of creation, Generation  Operation and Destruction, Mother, Father, Son/ Mind, Spirit, Matter. Ioesus means salvation.

I am a musician, producer, writer, mother and dreamer. I live in Florida with my husband and mother on twenty acres and our life goal is to create a beautiful space, a sanctuary, Aman Jen where our family and friends can find peace as the world is turned upside down. The controllers seek to control to the bitter end and those of us that have integrated truth are here to hold a vibration of love to see us all to the next dimensional level of existence. Humans are bridges between heaven and hell. We have a choice as to how we want to be in the world and what is important is to know that we are IN the world but not OF it. We can choose peace and loving actions regardless of the adversity in this world.

I walk the path of a master that seeks absolute sovereignty. This means my goal is to be completely independent of the resources, technologies that many hoard for profit and control. This is not a path for the weak minded. It means choosing to accept that we will be targets of the controllers and it will be painful. We must challenge ourselves to raise the "chrism" which is the vibratory state of our inner fluids called manna from heaven. Christ is manna as it says in the bible but Christians are never taught this. My goal is to educate so called Christians to the true meaning of Eshu (salvation) and Christ (one anointed in oil) as in the original scriptures before they were corrupted by power hungry egomaniacs. Christ is within. Let's do this.