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Syncism is a website dedicated to teaching the true nature of reality at the quantum level as it holds the secret to what has been called the Holy Grail. The goal of the awakened being is to end suffering through mental and physical disciplines and turn the focus from the external to internal as the world is shaped by our mind and actions.  "Know thyself".

Cari Kindl

we exist in harmonic resonance or dissonance/heaven or hell/grace or sin/lucidity or delusion

everything is atun/attune/atonement/vibratory frequency

giant humans and other creatures once existed

gnomes, sprites, elves,om,jewels all refers to energy

egyptian gods toth,Ra,isis, osiris etc were all referring to parts of the human body, brain and psychology






The World Model Reassessed

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                 In A Nut Shell

The Toroidal Accretion Disc Upon Which We Live

Humans have been lied to an an phenomenal scale by a few that rule this world. This is not conspiracy theory but fact. But in order for you to consider this people have to release previous programming indoctrinated into them from their birth.



1) Government and corporations work together for the benefit of humanity and never lie for profit and control. 

2) Water and atmosphere is pulled to the core of a spinning ball by a mysterious force called "gravity" scientists do not understand. Non contained atmospheric gases resist the VACUUM OF ETERNAL SPACE defying the laws of thermodynamics.

3) "I don't believe in conspiracy theories". (You don't believe conspiracies exist?) Interesting. Or you don't believe any conspiracies are real because you have researched all conspiracies and know them all to be false? Interesting.


There is an inverse opposite theory to the Heliocentric model. What the secret rulers did, was invert the Geocentric model of our accretion disc world just as they inverted and reversed everything else in order to keep us enslaved believing we are not powerful beings but dependent upon the things they hoard and tell us we need. They prey on our weaknesses and desires. It is important to know the truth about the world model because it confirms that we are in fact made in the image of creation itself and have much greater innate abilities than we were lead to believe. Once you "Know Thyself" you know the truth about your world template as well and vice versa. That is why they are working so hard to discredit the FE movement and label anyone that researches it or talks about it as a nut. We live on a flat and motionless accretion disc of a toroidal sphere which is the template for all living things from atoms to humans.


The toroid is an EM field with two opposing energy fields imploding into one another from what we refer to as a black hole. This black hole sun produces light on both sides of the toroid. The light we see is projected light onto a plasma dome. All of this is sound physics when you do the research for yourself. At the root of this secret knowledge is the inner Christ. It is all about the TEMPLE or TEMPLATE of creation. The eyes cannot see what the indoctrinated mind refuses to accept. This is why we are told only those who have the eyes to see will understand this information.



Tartarian Mystery